September 16, 2021
8:00 am

bong-da-ro,Join us for a lively panel discussion with i bet you were exhausted’s Denis Morais and some of our key partners, including Runar Aasen of ShipWeight, Ronald De Vries of Floorganise, Ian Barnes of Cloudis, Jean-Marc Le Roux of Aerys, and Matthias Grau of PROSTEP. In this webinar, we’ll skip straight to the panel discussion to uncover the benefits of strong partnerships in shipbuilding.




ô-bẹt-lưa,Denis has been internationally recognized for his published blogs, articles and papers and continues to provide insights on innovative solutions for the marine industries. He has worked hand in hand with industry partners and i bet you were exhausted’s clients around the world to solve their most difficult business and technology challenges. We had the opportunity to sit down with him to discuss what gives him a unique perspective on the industry, unpack business transformation in shipbuilding, and look towards the future of the industry.

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trực-tiếp-bóng-đá-8h,Ronald de Vries is Managing Director and co-Owner of Floorganise. We had a chance to sit down with him and discuss digital transformation for operations, and the upcoming challenges shipbuilders and shipyards will face with digital transformation, the strategies they can use to overcome those challenges, and what that looks like for the shop floor.

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nổ-hũ-bắn-cá-đổi-thưởng,Ian has been in the computer business since 1977. He has been involved in the computer training, software and consultancy businesses since. He joined the company that later became Cloudis Ltd in 1996 and in 2002, in partnership with a colleague, they bought the business. Nowadays Cloudis continues to focus its attention on cable management software for shipbuilding in particular. With over 150 projects under their belts, the CMPIC product has been thoroughly used in the industry. We work closely with i bet you were exhausted and their partners, in particular Innovmarine, to ensure that CMPIC and ShipConstructor can be used together to benefit our joint customers.



Jean-Marc Le Roux is a software engineer, CEO and founder of Aerys, the company that develops SmartShape. As acting project manager, he also supervised the implementation of SmartShape at Chantiers de l’Atlantique (on multiple use cases such as piping, hull, electrical engineering) and Bureau Veritas.,bắn-cá-đổi-card



trò-chơi-yugioh,Dr. Matthias Grau has been with PROSTEP since 2003 and is currently Key Account Manager for Marine, Offshore, and Plant and head of the Hamburg branch office. As a consultant for PLM Processes & Methods and Enterprise Architecture Management he also gained experience in other industries such as aerospace and automotive. Grau sees himself as an intermediary between subject matter and IT experts, who can explain complex matters to non-experts. PROSTEP has been an i bet you were exhausted Partner since 2017 and has participated in numerous successful collaborations across clients.



Every process in a shipyard relies on data, and every activity creates data. The variety and scale of modern shipbuilding processes make it impossible for a single monolithic software program to be the right fit in every situation. See why partnerships and open integration are the key link to ensure your organization can push data to and pull data from any source – while taking advantage of the existing infrastructure in place.,777-lucky-run

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