mới mậu binh projects are at a massive scale, and that means an equally large amount of information is generated. Connecting and synchronizing that information throughout every piece,xổ số về việt nam of an organization, and every platform that’s already in place, is what allows for informed decisions to be made.

EnterprisePlatform enables shipbuilding data to flow freely and automatically across a shipyard. Passing data through to wherever it is most needed, chơi bài sâm,in whatever format is needed, allows a shipbuilder to trust that they can leverage the information they already have. This strategy enables the implementation of innovations like automated production machinery, automated planning, and collaborative project review.

6-offline-game,PublisherLT streamlines and automates the generation of engineering information from the Marine Information Model in a wide variety of formats. PublisherLT lets engineers and designers automate the generation of information for other stakeholders and focus on their core design/modelling tasks.

Publisher extends the information sharing capacity to all departments, processes and tools without the need of local ShipConstructor installations or knowledge. Any department can pull data from the Marine Information Publisher extends the information sharing capacity to all departments. Model in the format they need and information can be pushed to PLM, ERP and MRP systems as well as production machines.,tỉ-số-asian-cup-2019

đá-gà-tre,The InformationHub is the centerpiece of the EnterprisePlatform and keeps all systems connected. It orchestrates the processing of multiple information requests, oversees all communication, manages a directory of users, and provides a console for viewing and configuring its currently registered connectors, users, and publish modes.

đá-gà-xanh,ProjectViewer enables your team to quickly access the latest output published with tải zingplay sâm lốc ios EnterprisePlatform. It enables a large group of people to tap into a common bank of published project documentation updated on a continual basis.

A node is a physical or virtual workstation that can parallel process multiple information requests and repackage them in the format required. Unlimited nodes can be connected to the InformationHub to increase the processing capacity of the system, allowing for a scalable implementation.,in-football-a-touchdown-is-worth

JobServer provides a mechanism for the automated periodic creation of project output data as defined by a selection of ShipConstructor items and a definition of the type of output data required.,zing-play-xì-dách

keno-fdj,The ProjectCache is the latest connector joining the EnterprisePlatform Servers suite and adds caching capabilities to the EnterprisePlatform system. The ProjectCache analyzes the output of work packages, copies the latest revision of documents pertaining to an item or a group of items, and discards older revisions – allowing for already generated information to be quickly served up.

Utilizing the EnterprisePlatform InformationHub and ProjectScheduler has given us the ability to drive part procurement and production scheduling from the information model in a reliable and efficient manner. This automated approach has allowed us to interface with more aspects of our business which greatly increases our efficiency.,tro-choi-chem-hoa-qua

Marine Project Supervisor, Gunderson Marine

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