Modern shipbuilding is a global industry, but while the benefits of that reality are clear, few shipbuilders successfully overcome the challenges that come along with that. Professionals working on design, engineering, and construction in different parts of the world have significantly different skills and abilities, require additional coordination, and need to be able to work together seamlessly.


While those challenges are solvable, especially if your distributed teams don’t move once they’re established, the reality is that engineering and production moves to where the work is, and the work moves to where it can be done to see the largest ROI. Ongoing changes to those teams and the projects they work on results in continuous change to the processes, tools, and standards that you receive from your customers, partners, vendors, and suppliers.

That challenge is compounded when shipbuilding projects are built in a distributed manner. Single hulls being built across multiple shipyards, or multiple hulls in a series being built at different shipyards, result in an organization that needs to manage information that’s coming in different formats and from different sources.

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Giving your teams the power to truly focus on shipbuilding, instead of on making things play nice within the organization, means allowing engineering teams to collaborate freely,xfinity live casino jobs with each other and other teams and organizations, ensuring that the training available to engineers and drafters is efficient and cost-effective for any market, and securely connecting other organizations, departments, tools and processes to your projects.

Explore how k best can help you with shipbuilding’s global challenges.,b52 utapao

Overcoming the Challenges of Globally Distributed Teams


The global nature of shipbuilding offers many opportunities, but few shipbuilders successfully overcome the challenges. Download the eBook to see how having a proper solution that is designed to handle this challenge as a first-class citizen is going to be a requirement if you want to succeed with a distributed team.,tải-bài-cào-liêng

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